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Make it, and let the magic overwhelm your Virtual Event with IVE!

A Saudi platform dedicated to the implementation and design of innovative virtual events that contribute to the development of your business with unique interactive digital features.

As we work in our company to raise the efficiency of your business and market it in an innovative way that increases your sales and opens a new market for you to an unlimited audience.

Your Virtual Event from another perspective with IVE.

Our Amazing Services

A hand-made solution for your Business website, created by bunch of designers and developers to make your business smarter!

Internal Events

Internal events for different businesses segments' are here, where you can hold a prom to deliver a product, honor public figures, or thank employees for a full-year job.

Online Entertainment

Online entertainment blends entertaining interactive content including live video streaming, video chat communications, and multi-player gaming.


Virtual Meetings are the hosting of a meeting in a virtual environment, way, and everything and not face-to-face, it helps a lot in HR meetings and something like that.


Virtual museum, a collection of digitally recorded images, sound files, text documents, and other data of historical, scientific interest that are accessed through electronic media.

Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a service that enables business owners to work remotely by providing a range of functions accessible through the internet.

Online Training / Workshops

You will find how you can share experiences and learn in a refined way at a high-quality level under the supervision of experts in different fields.

Summits / Conferences

Host virtual conferences and connect attendees with rich communication tools, polls and webinars. Take control with fully customizable interactive spaces. Give speeches in our 3D stunning virtual lobbies


Conduct virtual exhibitions, where exhibitors can introduce new products and services, chat with prospects using text chat.


Open new areas for discussion and training on various topics with the most important Companies and sectors for learning and development

Know How we Help your Business

We help your business to grow by providing you with a virtual environment at the highest level that allows many advantages such as selling quickly in front of an unlimited audience and most importantly, you will do all of this without much effort!


We're making the event for you in the best possible way from the start until it's over, you'll get away with your desires and make the profit you want.


We offer an easy-to-use system with technical support at the highest level makes it easy for you at all times.


You'll see a good experience with us that you'll never forget, as we aim to get your business global and make profit with less effort.

IVE Platform Feature

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Support to all devices and software

Support to all devices and software

Compatibility with all devices & operating systems like mobile phones & PCs.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Professional live broadcasting inside specific halls & the possibility of hosting speakers with backgrounds related to the event.

Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Visitors

Flexibility to reach a large number of visitors & rapid response (audible & written conversations).



Individual meetings inside specific meeting rooms.

Advertising Spaces

Advertising Spaces

Internal/external advertising space suitable for your brand.

Online payment on flexible platform

Online payment on flexible platform

Direct registration, saving data besides adopting online payment gateways.

3D Environment

3D Environment

With our 3D technology, your clients can have flexible rounds to know more about your brand as if it’s real experience.

Fully control panel

Fully control panel

Every participant has his own control panel to control the displayed content and many other privileges.

24\7 Support

24\7 Support

Our support team is always available and ready to help you.

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